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What you need to know before your trip to Uganda

An American tourist shares his contrasting experiences of Uganda.

In a recent ten-day exploration of Uganda, a black American traveler, Adrian Baldwin, through Quora Digest publication, shares a nuanced tale of contrasting experiences, revealing both the enchanting and challenging facts of the East African nation.

The journey, starting with a brief stint in Rwanda, unfolded as a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving an indelible mark on his perception of Sub-Saharan Africa.

"So as my first trip to the continent I wanted to go to a sub Saharan country that was relatively safe and peaceful. I went to Rwanda first for a couple of days and absolutely loved it. I thought Uganda would be some what similar but I was wrong. Unlike most foreigners that come for only the national parks I wanted to get out and understand the people and the culture. Uganda did not disappoint"

The traveler praises Uganda's culinary scene, highlighting the freshness of locally sourced food, from village-slaughtered chicken to surprisingly sweet potatoes.

The overwhelming hospitality received in the country is described as second to none, with open-armed welcomes and cultural gestures leaving a lasting impression.

"The hospitality is overwhelming and Uganda should be considered one of the most hospitable places on earth. People welcomed me with open arms and took it as a insult if I didn't eat the food even though I was very full. Some of the younger ladies greeted me by kneeling which I found a little odd but I guess it's a cultural thing."

Uganda's women are commended for their beauty, intelligence, and strong work ethic, creating an environment that the traveler found more approachable than the dating scene in the U.S.

Despite not venturing into national parks, the country's biodiversity is acknowledged, with ten national parks offering a dream destination for animal lovers.

However, the traveler's admiration is tempered by concerns over pollution, particularly the widespread litter observed in Entebbe and Kampala.

Shockingly, instances of public littering, such as a bus conductor dumping a trash can on the road, highlight environmental challenges.

High air pollution, attributed to aging vehicles, especially those imported from China, adds to the list of concerns.

Kampala's chaotic traffic and an unreliable, uncomfortable taxi system frustrated the traveler, despite the alternative option of motorbikes, which came with their own set of risks.

The infrastructure challenges, notably dilapidated roads and a need for improvements in public transportation, electricity, and water facilities, form the somber backdrop to an otherwise hopeful narrative.

Despite the challenges, the traveler expresses optimism for Uganda's future, having enjoyed his time and even found love, getting engaged during his visit.

 With hope for positive changes, he eagerly anticipates are turn to the country that left an indelible mark on his heart.

"Overall I loved my time there. I love it so much I even fell in love and found a fiancé over there. I have great hope for the country and can't wait to go back".
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